Thursday, May 27, 2010

2nd Application

I'm almost done with my second application for the Droid. The object of the game is to control cars moving through an intersection by touching on them to make them stop. Then touch on them again to continue driving. You score a point for every car that makes it through the intersection. Emergency vehicles (ambulances, etc...) cannot be stopped - to make the game a little more difficult. Every time vehicles crash in the intersection, the number of accidents increases. I'm still trying to decide what will cause the end of the game (# of max. accidents exceeded, time limit, etc...).

I've decided to put this game on the market for free and use AdSense from Google. I'm just waiting for the approval.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

First Application

Well, I've create my first Android application called PicPuz (Picture Puzzle).

I wanted to start with something simple, so I decided to create a picture mixup - the kind where you slice a picture into a grid (3x3, 4x4, etc...) and have one cell blank. Then you have to move the picture cells around into the blank spot until you've fixed the picture.

It worked great, but I thought it was a little too simple. So I decided to add more puzzle types. I added a puzzle type where the picture is split into horizontal or vertical slices. Then you move the slices around to fix the picture. I added rotation to the slices to try and make it a little harder.

Then I added another puzzle type where the puzzle is mixed up and you drag and drop the cells into their correct positions.

I'd like to hear feedback - good and bad. I'm curious what people think and how I can make this a better application.